What we do?



Provide mentorship & scholarships to


Career success.

How we do it?

We partner with parents, schools and communities to provide mentorship, scholarships, and other support.

Why We do it?

We want ALL students to succeed in school so that they can pursue meaningful careers to positively impact their families and communities.

Did you know?

  • College graduates are more likely (than non-college graduates) to be employed, earn more, volunteer more and rely less on government services (Source: APLU.org).

  • A high school diploma alone is no longer enough to provide young people with the skills they need for a 21st century economy, their success, and our nation’s competitiveness in a global economy (Shuger).

  • Numerous English language learners educated exclusively in US schools, are still learning English, failing academically and dropping out of school in large numbers (Fry, 2003; Ruiz de Velasco & Fix, 2000)," (Walqui, pp.159).

  • Parenthood is a leading cause of school dropout among teen girls.

  • Wouldn’t it make sense for school leaders, local health departments, and other agencies to work together to address both teen pregnancy and school completion?

The TEPIC Foundation understands this. We are here to make a difference.

For Teen Pregnancy Article: Click HERE.

For Other Sources & Research Click HERE.

Our People

The engine of our organization.

  • Dedicated volunteers

  • Officers

  • Donors

  • Sponsors

  • Board of directors


President: Yanira Alfonso Secretary: Trisha Mae Gayda

Our Founder

Yanira Alfonso, Ed.S.

Board of Directors

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